Homosexuality is not Heresy

I’ve never been one to stand on a soap box about any real cause. But this time I feel like I should step up on at least a Dial cardboard box and say this. I’ve been a table top gamer for over 15 years, Im gay, I live in the south, and really there a lot of things I’ve put up with because of that combination. Oddly tho, living in the south, I’ve never been called a faggot other then in a game store, online, or in a video game.

This is more importantly about the game store part. While I understand that “this is about war gaming and manly nerdy things” ect ect but more importantly no matter what, theres never a time to say things like that to any person let alone one you are playing in a game, even if its supposed to be ‘friendly’ remark.

Homosexuality is not heresy, stop acting like it is, stop others from doing the same. No one likes to be called a fag or a homo, no matter what their sexual orientation is.  

On a non ranty note, I really enjoyed painting this, I dont get to paint such colorful marines very often.


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    Brothers the freedom to love is not heresy in less it is a being of chaos then it’s heresy
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    Honestly that is what I thought at first before I seen the dialog. Fucking Power Rangers.
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    NO…NO! BAD! You do not do this to fucking terminators. You do not turn 40k into a fucking homosexual acceptance thing....
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    Suffer not the witch, nor the Xeno, nor the homophobe to live.
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    Now if only the original Rainbow Warrior chapter wear actually this colourful and not just blue with rainbows on them.