Orange color study complete! Next up yellow. This has been really fun practice, orange was very deceptive in its complexity. 

Orange and Red side by side, like I said in the video this has been a fun little side project. Next is yellow.

Orange and Red side by side, like I said in the video this has been a fun little side project. Next is yellow.

One termie done! … well sans the logo on his shoulder ^^;

Big problem with small parts.

Recently I’ve been working on some termies for a tiny side project and I kept running into an issue that the parts I wanted to paint separate kept going missing on my messy workshop table.

I mean seriously with 5 projects going on I lost 3 should pads and had to dig around the bits box to find replacements. But I have found a solution!

Like any good miniature craftsman I never throw things away I think can be useful. I have a few dozen of the old pots sitting around to mix custom colors in. 

So now their parts can sit with the models in a nice and not so easy to misplace container! Huzzah! 

Test figure done! Very few changes were made from the art but I am pleased with how it came out, hopefully the client is too. On a side note, my macro lens makes me cry…all those mistakes I can now see ;.;

Q4 of the year is always an odd one for me and this year is even more so. For once I’m not prepping for a competition or scurrying to get an entire army done for an escalation league I really only have one ‘need to do’ on my plate and it’s just started.

The space marine is the color design for a full army commission a friend is paying me for (sorry for the crappy photo). The commission is for about 1.5k of guys and tanks with a few scattered space wolf bits, nothing too crazy, no conversions. But as normal as it is I want to document the entire process, last night I started painting the demo marine and once it’s done I’ll post a really good photo of it.

Outside of that I’ve been painting the convergence starter box, it’s slow going because of the level of detail and me making up the pallet as I go but not bad so far .


Sorry for the radio silence. After armies on parade my life got turned upside down and I was forced to move. So I haven’t really been able to do any real minis work till tonight.

On the plus side my new place has more room so I picked up a workbench. This guy is made by kobalt tools and available at lowes hardware for 300 bucks. Tonight I finally got a chance to sit down at it and work on the convergence starter box and I couldn’t be happier.

The best part, aside for the peg board back or that the entire thing magnetic, is the draw space. All my paint and hobby stuff fit in this beast.


Updates and question.

As for the update, I forcefully moved over the last two weeks to a new home. Its kind of thrown everything into wack and Im trying to get back into the swing of working on minis and stuff. Next on the chopping block is a space marine army that a friend commissioned me for and Im thinking about building a tyranid army for s&gs. 

This brings me to my question. Does anyone out there have a link to how to do that really stringy snot / mucus look? Im talking about THIS kind of look.


Thank you BreadandWarGames!  Heres how to do it

Mini news sites?

So heres a question seeing how is owned by cool mini now and doing a horrible job with it what sites do you use to keep up on ttg news? 

Armies on Parade

I did my best but it wasn’t good enough.  I didn’t place at all. In the end I think the attendee voting worked against me.

oh well.