Working away on my new army. I really really like the new IG stuff.

Finally finished the Sector Imperialis board. This thing is a beast and even with shortcuts and some lazy painting it took every night for 3 solid weeks after work to complete.  

Working my butt off for the past three weeks. All that’s left is some water effects gel and this massive project is done.

Another days worth of progress, dirt is done, now onto the sidewalks.

Day 2 so far so good, figured out the streets and flag stones. But now to I need to do it to all 6 boards.

Local asked me to paint the new 40k game board. I don’t think I’ve ever painted something this large. Challenge accepted.

Homosexuality is not Heresy

I’ve never been one to stand on a soap box about any real cause. But this time I feel like I should step up on at least a Dial cardboard box and say this. I’ve been a table top gamer for over 15 years, Im gay, I live in the south, and really there a lot of things I’ve put up with because of that combination. Oddly tho, living in the south, I’ve never been called a faggot other then in a game store, online, or in a video game.

This is more importantly about the game store part. While I understand that “this is about war gaming and manly nerdy things” ect ect but more importantly no matter what, theres never a time to say things like that to any person let alone one you are playing in a game, even if its supposed to be ‘friendly’ remark.

Homosexuality is not heresy, stop acting like it is, stop others from doing the same. No one likes to be called a fag or a homo, no matter what their sexual orientation is.  

On a non ranty note, I really enjoyed painting this, I dont get to paint such colorful marines very often.


Took a break.

Took a quick break last night to paint for a reddit competition that I was too late to enter but oh well. I love this mini, its odd, the girl is sexy, and its rare that I get to paint a mini that has nothing to do with a game. Painted it in maybe 4-5 hours, Im getting better with flesh blending and it was the first time in a long time that I busted out the wet pallet. Im going to be using it more. 

The mini was purchased from CoolMiniOrNot a few years ago, as well as the wood base, the rug was added with some simple green stuff.

Orange color study complete! Next up yellow. This has been really fun practice, orange was very deceptive in its complexity. 

Orange and Red side by side, like I said in the video this has been a fun little side project. Next is yellow.

Orange and Red side by side, like I said in the video this has been a fun little side project. Next is yellow.